The Leader in Early Education and Care

American International Kids Academy Preschools is a national system of accredited private preschools that provides a premier early education and child care experience for children and families since 2011. Our Franchise Owners, Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to help build the right foundation for future learning and in life. AIKA Preschools which has pioneered to use Balanced Education System approach and combined highly intensive child care with dedicated education system. AIKA Preschools are registered with the Turkish Ministry of Education. We see teaching and learning as a journey, where students are active participants who grow and develop both, academically and socially. We continue to evolve today, growing our mission, values, and curriculum to ensure the children who step through our doorways have access to a nurturing environment that engages them in learning while supporting their overall development through our balanced child approach.


Our mission is to deliver a high quality education within a student involved and centered environment where students can explore their own potential. We understand how important it is to have parents and team members engaged in our culture so we can work together to nurture and educate our children as they grow.


We seek to make AIKA Preschools locations throughout the country the most respected early learning centers out there.

AIKA Preschools empowers both children and our team members to exceed their potential.

Brains are built over time from the bottom up. In the first few years of life,
700 to 1,000 neural connections form every second.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University



American International Kids Academy first preschool founded in Alkent2000 - Büyükçekmece Campus.


AIKA Bahçeşehir branch founded.


AIKA Academy company founded to develop special curriculum and establish teacher trainings for AIKA Preschools.


AIKA Academy first announced Balanced Acquisition System and its curriculum which includes early childhood education philosophies, research and best practices.


AIKA Academy started to organize teacher trainings.


AIKA Florya branch founded.


AIKA Preschools mascot Starry come alive as a puppet and its first story book Starry's Dream published by AIKA Academy.


We comtinue to innovate. AIKA Preschools started to apply STEAM curriculum integrated with themes and kids age level.


AIKA Academy organized English LAnguage Teaching for Early Childhood conference in our Alkent2000 Campus in cooperation with Istanbul University.


AIKA Halkalı branch founded.


Celebrating 10 Years of Fun and Love! AIKA Acıbadem branch founded.


AIKA Beylikdüzü branch founded.


AIKA Acarkent branch founded.