Every Child is Unique @ AIKA Preschools

AIKA’s Culture

Our dedicated, passionate people, our culture and our purposeful, balanced approach nurture 4C for our lovely childs Compassion, Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity





With ‘’Mommy and Me’’ Program in Early Childhood, AIKA Kindergartens welcome our children with compassion and contribute to the development of their sense of trust. In our schools, we provide materials and environments that will allow them to wonder. Curious children learn by ‘acquiring’ information and build on their knowledge the dreams they have created in their inner world.

Families & teachers are superheroes. Partnership between them is the ultimate superpower. Learn more at AIKA Preschools, with our list of tips & lessons for teachers on how to engage parents!

CORE Values of AIKA


Safety and security sit at the forefront of everything we do at AIKA Preschools. Our commitment to safety starts with our state-of-the-art buildings and continues with our comprehensive training practices. The security of our children and team is a top priority here at AIKA Preschools.


A positive educational environment starts with true respect for everyone involved. We make sure to treat our children with respect throughout the learning process. Likewise, we ensure that parents and team members are met with that same respect. We consider honesty, integrity, and patience the core values of respectful interactions, no matter the setting or situation.


All too often, educational facilities are preoccupied with quantifiable measures of success, such as stellar test scores. On the other hand, educational methods that do not engage a child to his or her full potential do a disservice to the amazing talents every child possesses. That's why AIKA Preschools has embraced a unique whole-child approach to education. From our facility to curriculum and values, we focus on the whole child. We do so by nurturing cognitive, emotional and social, physical, and language development.

The whole-child approach to education draws on policies and practices that ensure every child is not only healthy and safe but also supported and engaged while challenged to grow and achieve. The whole-child approach must engage all stakeholders, including families and educators, to connect children with a well-rounded education.

This well-rounded education at AIKA Preschools starts with our diverse curriculum, which leverages not only scholastic elements but also a broad range of experiences to strengthen each child's cognitive abilities as well as life and social skills. After all, a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that engages all content areas is imperative for success in the classroom and beyond.

We demonstrate high expectations for our children while ensuring they feel safe and supported in everything they do. We also make sure our whole-child approach is sustainable, collaborating, and coordinating with all stakeholders to make sure we are set up for long-term success. For example, our unique classroom rotation schedule stimulates children to learn in a variety of subject areas while keeping the unique needs of young learners at the forefront.


We understand that different members of the AIKA Preschools community might express their needs in different ways. We make the unique needs of our children, parents, and team members a top priority. This involves a commitment to timely and thoughtful responses. We know parents are essential partners when it comes to educating children, and we strive to keep parents engaged, creating the time and space to plan together for the success of our children in the classroom and beyond.

As a parent, you play an integral role in the teaching and learning process. We seek to understand your needs in a meaningful way, providing you with the opportunity to give feedback and share your wishes and concerns so we can actively listen and support you and your family. After all, we share the same goal: nurturing your children so they are ready for success, today and in the future.


We know we have a responsibility to all members of our community, including our children, parents, team, and shareholders, to remain profitable. Our goal to make sound business decisions ensures that we can continue to provide an exceptional place to learn and work. Our business decisions lay the groundwork to benefit future generations of families and team members, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.


We know success is a process. This knowledge guides us as we educate our children, but it is also something we keep in mind as we continue to evolve and develop as a business. No matter where we find ourselves at a given moment, and no matter how good we are at that moment, we still strive to improve. That means continually exploring new tools for education and developing new training for team members so we can continue to be a leader in the industry.

Our Aims

  • Maintain a school culture of excellence in teaching, innovation and self-improvement
  • Maintain a supportive, healthy and secure environment for teaching and learning
  • Deliver a balanced and holistic international education program centered on the Turkish Ministry Program.
  • Deliver enriching co/extra-curricular opportunities for students.
  • Provide excellent facilities and resources.
  • Encourage students to engage through social, environmental and intercultural activities.
  • Engage parents, stakeholders, local and global community in the support of the school.