At AIKA Play&Learn, we design our locations and curriculum to help each child become compassionate, independent, and well-rounded. We are committed to treating parents, team members, and students with respect and dignity. It is our mission to help every person connected to AIKA Preschools to exceed their potential.

Mommy&ME group activities provide a safe, fun environment for children ages 15-24 months . Our activities and educational materials are designed so that every child can explore and expand their physical, social, cognitive, and language abilities based on their individual stages of development. We help parents to understand their toddler developing way and we are counseling our parents to have best moments with their child.

As we care for your toddlers and their development, we are guided by our core values. These values are vital to keeping us accountable and providing the best possible education for all of our students while also ensuring we make positive long-term decisions for our business, team members, parents, and children. Each of these values directs our business practices and curriculum to develop future leaders.