According to the research results of all scientists, the 0-6 age range is the most valuable and productive time of human beings. The earliest age recommended to acquire different languages is 2-6.

Since the day our school was opened, it is an institution that has made it a mission to teach English to children at an early age with a native language approach.

Details about this program are as follows, American International Kids Academy Preschools @home;

  • Our education program has been created for Play&Learn groups 2 and 3 year- old, Preschools groups 3 and 4 year-old, Preparation groups 5-year-old students.
  • There is a English and Preschool teacher of each group,
  • Maximum 12+2 students make up a group.
  • The education program is the same as the general lines of the curriculum applied by our school.

Kindergarten / Preschool

Language acquisition that begins early, is carefully guided by experts and happens in a natural environment, leads to life-long competence.

The sooner, the better.» When it comes to learning a language, this statement is irrefutably true. In kindergarten, children are at an age when their language is particularly susceptible to outside influences. This is why it is important for them not only to practise the second language, but also to actually use it naturally to engage with the world. As a result, kindergarten will prove to be a varied and exciting time for both children and parents.

Our bilingual Preschool offers a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment. The children are supervised by native Turkish- and English-speaking teachers, with Turkish and English used alternately.


Our model for learning uses an innovative rotation schedule that keeps children stimulated and excited to learn throughout the day. This scheduling makes it possible to support students’ individual needs while introducing them to a wide range of enriching topics.

Instead of conforming to one single model of teaching, our staff provides students with personalized care and instruction tailored to their unique academic and social needs. We have designed our classroom rotation schedule to fit your child’s natural inclinations, as studies show that 30-minute intervals best stimulate the minds of preschoolers.

  • Your child will start off in his/her primary classroom with their primary teacher
  • Rotations to enrichment classes will take place throughout the day
  • Many of our enrichment programs have course-specific teachers who bring their energy and expertise to the subject

Scientific studies show that preschoolers’ minds are optimally stimulated in 30-minute intervals. Based on this research, we designed our classroom rotation program to fit your child's natural inclinations and to help stimulate their pliable minds. On a typical day at AIKa Preschools, your child will start off in his/her primary classroom with his/her Preschool and English teacher. hroughout the day, your child will rotate to multiple enrichment classrooms in every 30 min.