Prep Class

Pre Class students are rapidly becoming independent individuals.  Your child, without you realizing, is starting to learn to read and can come up with a new word every day.  An increase in their talent for dramatization, story creation and bringing these stories to life, can surprise you.


Our Preparatory Class (Age 6) is run primarily in English.  They reach a level where they can use English dialogue to form sentences of 4-5 words.  Projects in natural and social sciences allow them to develop a wider vocabulary.  They are taught the English alphabet and sound recognition.


In our Prep Class group lessons in Music & Rhythm, Sports Skills, Creative Arts, Dance, Chess, Language Activities, Mathematics, Science, Drama, and Social Studies are run at a level that allows the children to use their skills to their maximum capacity.  Short and long-term projects are designed to draw on the children’s natural inquisitiveness.  Thus supporting the children’s ability to manage such scientific processes as to question, hypothesize, experiment, record and work as part of a team.


Turkish reading-writing studies are conducted for 5 hours a week, and Turkish phonics and pre-writing line work are run in accordance with guidelines laid out by the Ministry of National Education (MEB). 


The subjects of respect for the environment and recycling are given particular importance and Habitat projects are unique Prep Class activities. Students, as a group or individually, are encouraged to participate in such outside activities as chess tournaments, and art and design competitions to help increase their self-confidence.


Students graduating from American International Kids Academy have the infrastructure to be able to continue their studies at both foreign and IB (International Baccalaureate) schools, graduating as thinking, inquiring and questioning bilingual individuals.



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