aika anaokulu sosyal sorumluluk

“Baskasina Yarari Dokunan Insan En Kusursuz Insandir.”

(I cannot find the English translation for this quote. Please insert if you have it.  The nearest quotes I could find are below.)

“One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession.”

“Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness.”



With this philosophy in mind, we ensure that all our students are introduced to such values as sharing, helping others and cooperation.


We Are Animal Lovers

In October of each year, our school organizes a visit to the nearest Animal Shelter.  Items including food, milk, balls and blankets are collected throughout that month and then delivered to the shelter by our school’s age 5-6 students.


A Gift From A Child To A Child

In December of each year, our students lovingly collect and donate any new or no longer used clean clothing, toys and books and send them to our sister school.


We Protect The Environment

Brown, Green, Blue…  We protect the colors of nature and we now our responsibility to the Environment.  We are members of ‘Minik Tema’ and follow ‘Tema Foundation’s’ events and carry the environmental awareness into our school.



Throughout the school year age 4-5-6 groups are made aware of the importance of recycling, and we take part in related events and trips. We encourage our students to separate and collect items for recycling.


“Responsible Children ~ Responsible World”


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