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American International Kids Academy (AIKA) has developed the Balanced Acquisition System (BAS) Program, focusing on our children’s “Acquisition” of a second language (English/Turkish).  Children learning their native language in its natural environment can now learn English in the same way at American International Kids Academy.  From birth until the age of 5, the functioning of neurophysiologic mechanisms in a child’s brain is at its most intense.  AIKA, with its BAS Program, provides stimuli to hold a child’s attention and facilitate the easy acquisition of a second language.





AIKA, adopting the view that education in early childhood and the follow-up years has a positive effect on developmental processes, started the “Mommy & Me” education program for our children aged 12-24 months.  Mothers are observing their children with their peers for the first time in a social environment, whereas their children are observing models in their environment and learning at a faster and easier rate.  Our instructors offer academic support in such developmental processes as potty training, pacifier withdrawal and sleep routines.  The bilingual “Mommy & Me” Programs are implemented according to the varying abilities of the age groups.


The second step is our Toddle (18-36 months) Group, supporting the acquisition of the necessary skills in early childhood according to BAS’s theory (Balanced Acquisition System) from easy to difficult and simple to complex.  Work on the introduction and familiarization with English continues. Our Foreign Language acquisition program consists of play, art, drama and music activities.




In our Preschool (36-60 Months) Groups, English is not a lesson but a communication tool.  Our English and Turkish speaking teachers are systematically communicating with our children and organize classroom activities in coordination with each other working as a team.  Language Activities (English & Turkish), and branch lessons including Visual Arts, Music and Rhythm, Physical Development Skills, Dance, Creative Drama and Chess, are administer according to BAS to maintain the children’s interest at a high level.


Prep Class (Age 6/ Preparatory Class) is conducted with English as the primary language.  At the same time, in preparation for primary school the children have 5 hours per week of Turkish Lessons, prepared in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum focusing on mathematics, and reading and writing preparedness. Students, as a group or individually, are encouraged to participate in such outside activities as Chess Tournaments, and Art and Project competitions (Science Fair, Recycling Project) to help increase their self-confidence.


Students graduating from American International Kids Academy have the infrastructure to be able to continue their studies at both foreign and IB (International Baccalaureate) schools, graduating as thinking, inquiring and questioning bilingual individuals.


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