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We wake up each day with the same excitement!


AIKA Preschools is an organization offering its children and parents a boutique service from early childhood education, through to primary school. In collaboration with parents, we create the correct foundation for our children’s future education and life and provide childcare and education with a high level of professionalism.  We are committed to providing a high level of education in accordance with the Turkish National Education’s principles and guidelines.


AIKA supports it students at the beginning of their lives, in the most important years of Play & Learn to become healthy, happy and active members of society.  At the forefront of our principles in education are;


Supporting our students in all fields of development at a pace set by the student,

Providing our children with an appropriate environment and active learning material, based on our philosophy of “Balanced Acquisition”.


Instead of pushing our students to acquire knowledge, guiding them on the path to knowledge, awakening their natural inquisitiveness, helping them to understand why and how and applying that knowledge.


Equipping our students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for primary school.


In line with these principles; we provide a safe and fun learning environment enriched with Mathematics and Science skills, Turkish-English Language Activities and Branch activities, where our students can express themselves, and not forgetting that each individual has a different rate of development.


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