Dear AIKA Family;aika anaokulu bahçeşehir ayçin durucu veli yorumu

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for making AIKA such a wonderful place full of love and care. I remember that when I came to AIKA the first time the colorful clean environment made me smile and happy.

My son Ahmed really enjoyed coming to school every day for three months, we admired the family atmosphere as the school feels like a big family home, so Ahmed was going to his second home every day, the attention to the details and the hygiene standers were remarkable, the meals were balanced and healthy. 

Please allow me to give my special thanks to Ahmed's Class Teacher Ezgi Kaygusuz for her care, love and professionalism, we adored her , I would like to thank also Yasmin and all the other teachers.

Last but not least I would like to give Mrs. Feriha Durucu my warm regards and deepest thanks for her all over supervision ,guidance. As a mother I felt relieved knowing that both Mrs and Ms Durucu have a long experience in the educational system in Turkey. What I could add more as all elements of success are present in AIKA which are the good will, kindness , understanding and experience.

P.S.: Thank you Ayçin Durucu for your responsiveness and readiness to help, really you made my stay easier in Turkey.

May God bless you all our Turkish family you will always be in our hearts. Please keep the excellent work up, and stay as wonderful as you are.

Kindest Regards,

Farah Ogbi / Ahmed Eldebee's Mother

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